How SiteSurvey Works

SiteSurvey is a complete solution that enables feasibility teams to develop questionnaires, analyze survey responses, and select sites in one, secure online platform. From feasibility to site selection, this user-friendly service helps you minimize costs, avoid delays, and optimize trial success.

How SiteSurvey Works for Sponsors

SiteSurvey enables you to create surveys quickly and maintain consistency in your questions. Questions are organized and stored in libraries, making for a much faster survey creation process:

• Questions that are asked on every feasibility survey (think, “First Name,” “Address,” “Are you interested in participating in this study?”) will be automatically loaded into every survey.
• Question libraries can be stored and added to the survey by Therapeutic Area and Indication.
• The only questions that need to be newly created are the truly protocol specific questions for each survey.

While you’re designing your survey you can assign question weighting, key questions and mandatory responses. This information is important for our integrated analytics to suggest the right sites for your study. Due to the dynamic nature of our system, you’re able to update this at any time, even after the survey has ended.

Surveys are fully customizable with your logo, colors, email address, email message and more.

SiteSurvey eliminates data silos by integrating Globaldata data, your CTMS data and historical survey responses into one system. This enables you to search for investigators, view profiles and select survey recipients with aggregated information from all three sources.

Pharma Intelligence Center

Globaldata contains the leading database on clinical trials, currently tracking over 282,000 studies, 450,000 global investigators, 77,000 sites.

Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS)

SiteSurvey is built to integrate with your CTMS data. We match your data to ours and clean up duplicate records making the data fully integrated.

Historical Survey Responses

All survey responses are stored in SiteSurvey and integrated with investigator profiles, giving you the ability to send surveys to sites you already know are qualified.

SiteSurvey’s integrated response analysis identifies which sites are best suited for your study based on what’s most important to you. From our response overview page you’re able to have a complete high level view of your results that you can easily drill down into.

Feasibility and Timelines

Get a quick snapshot overview of patient recruitment and start-up time based on investigator reported data.

GD Insight Tab

With integrated data from Globaldata, you’re able to see information on competitive trials your investigators are running including the complete protocols. You’re also able to see their past studies including how many were completed on time, completed late and not completed.

Dynamic Site Rankings

SiteSurvey ranks sites based on ideal answers and question weighting. You’re able to edit the question weighting and instantly see recalculated results with our dynamic analysis.

SiteSurvey doesn’t end at analysis of survey responses. You’re able to track site visits and sites selected for your trial.

How SiteSurvey Works for Sites

Investigators receive an email inviting them to complete a feasibility study. The email comes from the sponsor with their message and branding.

SiteSurvey pre-populates questionnaires with all known information from site profiles, investigator profiles and historical survey responses, saving the investigator precious time and providing sponsors with responses faster.

Investigators no longer have to complete a full survey from scratch, they can simply confirm or edit the pre-populated answers and spend their time answering the protocol specific questions.

With pre-populated answers, we've proven that investigators complete the survey 3x faster, generating more responses, faster responses and more accurate responses for the sponsor.