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Innovative Site Selection for Feasibility and ClinOps Teams
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SiteSurvey is an all-in-one solution for Feasibility and ClinOps teams to develop questionnaires, select sites & analyze survey responses - in one secure web-based platform. Using SiteSurvey you will get faster survey responses, make smarter site selections and improve site relationships.

Key Features

Identify Sites

  • GlobalData Sites & Investigators
  • • Data integrated from your CTMS
  • • Historical feasibility responses
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Pre-populate Surveys

  • • Saved investigator responses
  • • Surveys contain all known data
  • • Investigators can update information
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Analyze Results

  • • Ideal answers & question weighting
  • • Dynamic filtering
  • • Recommended sites
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Get Faster Survey Responses

Pre-populated responses allow investigators to complete their surveys 3x quicker enabling you to get more responses, faster!

Improve Site Relationships

Traditional site feasibility questionnaires have been a pain point for sites, give them the next gen experience with SiteSurvey.

Central Repository of Data

Gone are the days of searching multiple systems and manually compiling data, we bring everything you need into one searchable system.

Target Investigators

Access to GlobalData data currently tracking over 400,000 global investigators, 140,000 sites and 287,000 studies.

Make Smarter Site Selections

Our robust integrated response analysis identifies which sites are a good fit for your study based on your ideal responses.



Technical industry-expert analysts

Each company is unique, and we think it's best when you can partner with a firm with deep industry knowledge of your space - and we love coupling smart data-driven solutions and ClinOps strategy. Don't hesitate to connect with us if you think we could help you out with your new project (large or small).

If you still want to get to know us more (over the web), and you aren't familiar with our other products in the biopharma space, check out our other offerings .

We can assure you we have the deepest data dictionary of our peers - and our solutions are flexible, should you decide to rely on some of the data, we're already collecting, for your project.


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